St Brigids Cross

This is a Saint Brigid's Cross. Saint Brigid is one of the (Catholic) patron saints of Ireland and her feast day is celebrated on the 1st February,

Pilgrim From Switzerland Left A Cross

Pilgrim's cross from Switzerland. This is a very unique cross that came from a nice country Switzerland.

Pilgrim From Poland Parafia Niepokalanego Poczecia

Pilgrim from Poland Parafia Niepokalanego Poczecia.

Parafia Szymona I Juda

Parafia Szymona i Juda

Nice Cross From Lithuania

Metal Cross from Lithuania

Cross From Moldova

Wooden cross from Holland

Cross From Molova

Cross from Moldova

Cross Pamiatka Pielgrymki

Cross Pamiatka Pielgrymki

Unknown Cross

Unknown cross, Possible from Sweden

Nice Cross From Lithuania

Cross from Lithuania

Pilgrims come to the hill of crosses to say their prayers, thanks and intentions. Others come here to bury their dead. Take for example this metal cross here which looks like it was really made to order with some vines growing across the cross.

Polish Pilgrim  Jana Pawla II

 Crosses - Jana Pawla II 

Some of the crosses here have existed for centuries. Today, you will not only see crosses but also statues of the Virgin Mother, large crucifixes, rosaries and effigies.

Cross Gimnazjum Im Jana Pawla II W Wilnie

Cross from Gimnazjum im Jana Pawla II w Wilnie

The inscription on this wooden cross on the hills of crosses, Cross Gimnazjum im Jana Pawla II w Wilnie, leaves behind the identity of the owner of this cross who seem to have come from School Podstawowai Gymnasium, Pope John Paul II in Vilniuss.

Cross Szkola Srednia Sz Konarskiego Wilnie

Wooden cross at the hills of crosses

Pilgrims from the Cross High School W Konarskiego Vilnius left this wooden cross at the hills of crosses in Lithuania. The number of crosses left on the hills has grown from only 130 in 1900 to more than 100,000 in 2006.

Pilgrims Cross Mezzolobardo

Pilgrims cross  from Italy

This catholic cross was brought by a pilgrim who travelled to Lithuania from Mezzolobardo, a municipality in Trentino, Italy. Pilgrims from different parts of the globe visit the hill of crosses

Travelers Cross Form Sweden

Travelers cross form Sweden

Pilgrims Cross Jahre Freundschaft

Pilgrims Cross Jahre Freundschaft

Travelers Cross From Lithuania

Grey Cross from Lithuania 

A quick look at the different catholic cross on the hill of crosses will show you a variety of crosses in different shapes and sizes. Although the chrystian cross has a universal image, this grey cross has a particularly long base.

Catholics Cross From Suwalki

Wooden cross from Suvalki - Poland

Chrystian crosses are a common sight at the Hills of crosses, brought by pilgrims who travel from everywhere in the world to Lithuania to leave their crosses behind.

Travelers Cross Form Sweden

New wooden cross from Sweden. Cross image with Swedish pilgrim's cross. Find more cross images on

Nice Cross From Unknown Pilgrim

Cross on Hill of Crosses

There are thousands of crosses that now stand silently along the Hill of crosses in Lithuania but there is this one cross that can easily get your attention. This is a big metal cross in black which looks just like

Silver cross

USA Catholics

USA Catholic's Cross There are different types of crosses left by pilgrims at the hill of crosses. These people come from various parts of the world but they travel to Lithuania to leave their crosses on the hill. A Catholic organization from the United States

Polish cross

Polish soldiers who was in Lithuania with Air policing mission

The sight of a group of Polish soldiers walking towards the hill of crosses to pay their respects to the departed is one that is not easily forgotten.

Pilgrims Cross

Catholic cross on Hill of Crosses close to Siauliai in Lithuania

If there is one place in the world where there is a level playing field, then it would be the Hill of crosses in Lithuania. This wooden catholic cross left by Pilgrims who travelled to Lithuania is a good example.

Silver cross

Cross left by pilgrims from the USA

This silver cross comes with a dark brown statute of Jesus which creates a contrast to the light color of the cross. This catholic cross is one of the thousands of crosses left by pilgrims from the USA and some other countries who travelled to Lithuania to set up their crosses. American pilgrims

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