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Cross made of wood

Catholicism in Lithuania and United States

This wooden cross serves as a mute reminder of the faith of thousands if not millions of catholics who believe in the symbolism of the cross. This wooden cross was left by a pilgrim from the United States. While others travel to Lithuania

Wood Cross

Crosses sent from United States

 These wooden crosses look so attractive with the rosaries hanged on them. These catholic crosses were either sent by pilgrims from the United States or left there personally by pilgrims who travelled to Lithuania to fulfill their promise.

Pilgrims Cross From Poland Siodma Pielgrzymka

 Gold Jesus

This cross looks pretty at home in the Hills of cross even if it is taller than most crosses there. What makes this crucifix extra special is the gold image of Jesus image which seems to shine its light on those who seek his guidance.


Cross from Germany on Hill of Crosses

Catholics consider the cross a mysterious basis of their faith. After all, Jesus redeemed humanity when he died on the cross. But even non-Catholics understand this fascination for the chrystian cross

USA Cross

Cross from America

Crosses on Hill of Crosses This wooden cross looks fairly new compared to the other crosses surrounding it. This catholic cross with the crucified statue of Jesus was left by a pilgrims who travelled to Lithuania to leave this memorial on the hill of crosses.

Pilgrims memorable tabke

Memorial table

If you think that the Hill of crosses is only a place for crosses then better think again. This memorial table has been intentionally set up and left behind by those who have travelled to Lithuania in search of answers

Pilgrims Cross Poland 1996

Cross serve as a memorial

There is nothing remarkable about the looks of this wooden cross. In fact, the cross is made of old wood, or maybe it has aged since the time it was left on the hill of crosses by its owner in 1996.

Pilgrims Cross From Austria   Pfarrwallfahrt

Travelers from Austria 

This metal cross stand out from the wooden crosses that surround it at the hill of crosses. Left by pilgrims from Austria who identified themselves as Parish Pilgrimage Pfarkirchen i.Mkr Austria, this cross is evident of the increasing popularity of the practice of leaving gold cross,


Pilgrims from Asia

The hill of crosses has become an international destination for pilgrims. Even those from far continents like Asia have discovered this special place for the catholic cross. Pilgrims from Asia traveled to Lithuania

Cross From Unknown Pilgrim

Cross from Unknown Pilgrim

People have been known for going on pilgrimages during the time of Chaucer and they continue to do so even up to this time. Pilgrimages are not limited to a particular nation but one thing common among them is their belief in the power of the catholic cross


Cross made of red wood

This cross stands out among the hundreds of thousands of crosses on the hill of crosses. For one, the cross is made of red wood which is unlike the other plain brown or dark brown crosses surrounding it.


Polish Pilgrims

Pilgrims started leaving crosses of all kinds at the hills of crosses after the uprising in 1831. In time, not only crosses were left on the hills but also statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, huge crucifixes, carvings of patriots and even effigies.

Cross for Lord

Catholic cross cam from pilgrims

At first glance, this image does not really look like a cross but with the statue of Jesus right on the middle, you will realize that the owner of this cross is very creative. The maker of the cross utilized several pieces of wood fixed together to form a cross.

Polish cross

Wooden Cross on the Hill

If you have not been to the hill of crosses then this photo will give you a pretty good idea of just how many crosses have been placed on the hill by pilgrims who travelled from their own cities and countries to Lithuania.

Germany cross

Cross from Germany, Pilgrims from Germany Cross on the Hill of crosses

Cross From Lithuania   Pontiac Club Sports

Wooden cross from the Pontiac Club

Hill of crosses is a beautiful place filled with crosses and memories of people from different parts of the world. This wooden cross from the Pontiac Club joins the hundreds of thousands of catholic cross


Cross from Germany. Cross images.

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