Pilgrims Cross Jahre Freundschaft

Pilgrims Cross Jahre Freundschaft

Nice Cross From Unknown Pilgrim

Cross on Hill of Crosses

There are thousands of crosses that now stand silently along the Hill of crosses in Lithuania but there is this one cross that can easily get your attention. This is a big metal cross in black which looks just like


Cross from Germany on Hill of Crosses

Catholics consider the cross a mysterious basis of their faith. After all, Jesus redeemed humanity when he died on the cross. But even non-Catholics understand this fascination for the chrystian cross

Pilgrims memorable tabke

Memorial table

If you think that the Hill of crosses is only a place for crosses then better think again. This memorial table has been intentionally set up and left behind by those who have travelled to Lithuania in search of answers

Cross From Unknown Pilgrim

Cross from Unknown Pilgrim

People have been known for going on pilgrimages during the time of Chaucer and they continue to do so even up to this time. Pilgrimages are not limited to a particular nation but one thing common among them is their belief in the power of the catholic cross

Germany cross

Cross from Germany, Pilgrims from Germany Cross on the Hill of crosses

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