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Nice Cross From Lithuania

Metal Cross from Lithuania

Nice Cross From Lithuania

Cross from Lithuania

Pilgrims come to the hill of crosses to say their prayers, thanks and intentions. Others come here to bury their dead. Take for example this metal cross here which looks like it was really made to order with some vines growing across the cross.

Travelers Cross From Lithuania

Grey Cross from Lithuania 

A quick look at the different catholic cross on the hill of crosses will show you a variety of crosses in different shapes and sizes. Although the chrystian cross has a universal image, this grey cross has a particularly long base.

Cross for Lord

Catholic cross cam from pilgrims

At first glance, this image does not really look like a cross but with the statue of Jesus right on the middle, you will realize that the owner of this cross is very creative. The maker of the cross utilized several pieces of wood fixed together to form a cross.

Cross From Lithuania   Pontiac Club Sports

Wooden cross from the Pontiac Club

Hill of crosses is a beautiful place filled with crosses and memories of people from different parts of the world. This wooden cross from the Pontiac Club joins the hundreds of thousands of catholic cross

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