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Baneris FINAL

Silver cross

USA Catholics

USA Catholic's Cross There are different types of crosses left by pilgrims at the hill of crosses. These people come from various parts of the world but they travel to Lithuania to leave their crosses on the hill. A Catholic organization from the United States

Silver cross

Cross left by pilgrims from the USA

This silver cross comes with a dark brown statute of Jesus which creates a contrast to the light color of the cross. This catholic cross is one of the thousands of crosses left by pilgrims from the USA and some other countries who travelled to Lithuania to set up their crosses. American pilgrims

Cross made of wood

Catholicism in Lithuania and United States

This wooden cross serves as a mute reminder of the faith of thousands if not millions of catholics who believe in the symbolism of the cross. This wooden cross was left by a pilgrim from the United States. While others travel to Lithuania

Wood Cross

Crosses sent from United States

 These wooden crosses look so attractive with the rosaries hanged on them. These catholic crosses were either sent by pilgrims from the United States or left there personally by pilgrims who travelled to Lithuania to fulfill their promise.

USA Cross

Cross from America

Crosses on Hill of Crosses This wooden cross looks fairly new compared to the other crosses surrounding it. This catholic cross with the crucified statue of Jesus was left by a pilgrims who travelled to Lithuania to leave this memorial on the hill of crosses.

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