Holy Mass on the Hill of Crosess on 27th - 28th of July 2013


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High Mass on Hill of Crosses

 On September 7, 1993 Pope John Paul II visited the Hill of Crosse, declaring it a place for hope, peace, love and sacrifice. In 2000 year Franciscan hermitage was opened nearby. The Hill of Crosses remains under nobody's jurisdiction, therefore people are free to build croses as they see fit.

The program of Hill of Crosses high Mass 2012

 26 th of Julay on 2009 ( Sunday)

10 a. m. pilgrim march from Siauliai to the Hill of Crosses.

1.30 p.m. Mass.

3 p.m. St. Mass at the Hill of Crosses

Buses will be driveing Siauliai - Hill of Crosses from 12 a.m. till 6 p.m. Starting point in the main Siauliai bus station.

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